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5 Crucial Elements to Successfully Finding a Professional Job

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

If you’re an international student arriving in Australia and looking for professional employment, these next few points may resonate with you.

Like you, most students, have never been to a foreign country before. You may have minimal or no employment experience in a professional environment in your home country and your perceptions about Australia are completely different to reality.

Your experiences from back home and your mindset contribute to a lack of confidence when applying for professional jobs and you don’t know how to apply for a professional job. You may send out a few resumes/CVs to employment agencies, but you don’t get a response and then believe it’s not possible to get a professional job in Australia.

There are so many international students who don’t even attempt to apply for a professional role because of these reasons.

We know finding professional employment can be difficult, however, there are a number of steps you must take to be successful.

Here are the five most important things to help you get into professional employment.

1. Be determined: You should have a strong determination and the mindset to stay positive to be able to secure a job in your profession.

2. Stay focused: Stay focused on your goals and keep applying for professional jobs until you find one. Being knocked back from a job should not stop you from applying again (and again and again!). If you don’t apply, you won’t be in the running to finding your dream position.

3. Prepare a resume/CV: Create an Australian-style resume/CV as soon as you can. If you don’t know how to make one, simply search the internet for templates and instructions or have one prepared by a professional from places such as or It doesn’t need to cost you any more than $50 to have a resume/CV prepared from these places. You will find an Australian-style resume/CV is completely different to what you have now or how would you prepare one in your home country.

4. Know how to apply: Use online platforms such as LinkedIn, and You don’t have to go to employment agencies to apply for jobs any more. Although, there are certain agencies that specialize in certain professions and it is good idea to build rapport with them by communicating regularly to show you are keen to get into your chosen professional industry.

5.Be persistent: Just applying for a job is not enough. An advertised position may fetch 200-300 resumes/CVs, so you must keep persisting and following up after submitting an application. Once you apply, give it 2-3 days and then call the agency or person responsible. The contact details should be available on the advertisement.

Follow up to find out if they have received your resume/CV, what they are looking for and their expectations of the ideal candidate. By simply speaking with them, it will show you are interested in the position and you have the determination and focus to get the job.

Getting your first professional job in a foreign country, including Australia, is never easy and gaining an entry position into professional employment can be tough. However, your efforts are worth the trouble as your exposure to a professional environment will benefit you for the rest of your life.

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